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The Usages of Oxygen in Hospitals

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The Usages of Oxygen in Hospitals

The use of liquid oxygen in production and life is still relatively common. Speaking of the use of liquid medical oxygen in life, I believe everyone is familiar with it, because the use of liquid medical oxygen in life is mainly reflected in medical treatment.

Then, what are the functions of liquid medical oxygen in medical treatment?

1, eliminate fatigue

Proper oxygen inhalation can effectively relieve the pressure and reduce people's fatigue to a relatively low level, but you need to pay attention when inhaling oxygen. The concentration and cleanliness of oxygen, the liquid medical oxygen concentration used in general medical treatment should reach 99.5% or more.

2, improve immunity 

Oxygen helps improve human immunity. The human body's immunity includes cellular immunity and humoral immunity.   

3, improve sleep  

Oxygen helps to improve sleep. Sleep is an important physiological process.

4. Disease prevention

Prevent coronary heart disease.it can be supplemented with oxygen therapy at this time, it can be twice the result with half the effort.  

5. Treat diseases  

Treatment of tracheal diseases. Oxygen inhalation can slow down the patient's hypoxia symptoms and significantly increase blood oxygen saturation, which is more effective than treatment with drugs alone Significantly. 

Precautions for medical liquid medical oxygen

1. Check before use. Before inhaling oxygen, do a check to see if the oxygen device is leaking and whether it is unblocked.


2. Control of usage. Perform oxygen therapy according to the flow and time prescribed by the doctor.


3. Safe placement. Both the oxygen generator and the oxygen bag need to be shock-proof, fire-proof, heat-proof, and oil-proof. smoking and the use of flammable products are strictly prohibited.

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