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Medical Oxygen Microbulk Tanks Ready For Delivery

2021/07/30 101

In order to help people fight the covid pandemic, Victank introduce the most convenient storage tanks for liquid medical oxygen in market. Microbulk tanks suit for hospitals and clinics ideally, thanks to its following benefits:

1. Microbulk tank is built on skid, which makes it easy to install, no need for special ground base;

2. Microbulk tank is installed with vaporizer, saving space;

3. Microbulk tank is multi-layer high vacuum insulation, which is better than perlite insulation of traditional tank;

4. The outer shell of microbulk tank is made of stainless steel, endurable and shining;

5. Microbulk stands for a new gas delivery solution;

Particularly, now we have the 5000L – 16bar microbulk stock available. Welcome to inquire!