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Introducing the Microbulk System

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Introducing the Microbulk System

Introducing the Microbulk System - The solution to efficient and cost-effective gas management. The skid-mounted tanks and microbulk tanks in sizes of 2000L, 3000L, and 5000L make it easy for you to store, transport, and dispense gases on-site.

The Microbulk System provides a convenient alternative to traditional high-pressure gas cylinders. With The system, you can eliminate the need for frequent cylinder changes, reduce downtime and increase productivity. The skid-mounted tank eliminates the need for an expensive foundation, saving you both time and money.

The Microbulk System offers multiple pressure options, and features other reliable accessories. This cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for gas storage and distribution eliminates downtime and increases productivity. Choose the Microbulk System for a safe, efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional high-pressure gas cylinder systems.

The Microbulk System is a highly efficient and reliable solution for gas storage and distribution. It features multi-layer high vacuum insulation that outperforms the perlite insulation found in traditional tanks. This advanced insulation technology ensures that gases remain at optimal temperatures, minimizing loss or damage to the products. Additionally, the system includes a built-in vaporizer, saving valuable space and reducing the overall footprint of the system. With its superior insulation performance and efficient design, the Microbulk System is the ideal choice for businesses seeking a cost-effective and sustainable solution for gas management.


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