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7200L LNG Microbulk Tank

Standard: ASME
Water capacity: 7200L
Working pressure: 16bar
Gas Medium: LNG (liquefied natural gas)
On-Site Gas Filling Solution
Economical Gas Storage & Delivery
Extraordinary thermal quality assures very little gas loss.
Longer liquid gas hold times.
The boost speed is fast and the gas flow is large.

Microbulk is a modern concept where your gas is supplied by filling on-site vs. the traditional method by handling numbers of empty cylinders and dewars.

Microbulk enjoys outstanding features mean exceptional performance.

Victank microbulk LNG satellite station is a smart and modular design for small LNG applications. The whole LNG station is built on skid, with LNG storage, regasification, pressure regulation, measurement, odorization etc., which is very convenient for installation and operation.


Victank microbulk tanks meet the most stringent international standard. With strict management and test procedure, Victank microbulk tanks enjoy high performance and reliable quality.

Full sets of test report are provided along with microbulk tanks.

Third party test reports are available upon request.


Victank Microbulk tanks always maintain a qualified vacuum and heat preservation performance. We give warranty of 7 years for vacuum, which is the best and only in the world!  

Free training on installation, operation and maintenance.

Life-long technical assistance online.


·       4units 1m3 microbulk tank shipped by one 20ft container.

·       3units 2m3 microbulk tank shipped by one 20OT container or one 40ft container.

·       3units 3m3 microbulk tank shipped by one 20OT container or one 40ft container.

·       2units 5m3 microbulk tank shipped by one 20OT container or 3 units by one 40ft container.


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