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Microbulk, modern conception of gas supplied on-site

Microbulk is a modern concept where your gas is supplied by filling on-site vs. the traditional method by handling numbers of empty cylinders and dewars. Microbulk enjoys outstanding features mean exceptional performance.

Microbulk is a complete gas supply and management solution that enables users of all sizes to enjoy the cost and efficiency benefits of switching to liquid gas from high pressure gas cylinders. Various tank sizes, pressures and configurations are available to meet your needs.

Microbulk systems are available for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide(N2O), LNG and in high pressure, high flow applications including laser assist gases.

Microbulk tank is an innovative product which can provide an more economical and convenient delivery and design specially for the industry field, lab and medicine area. Compared with other cylinder, Microbulk tank is more reliable, safer, efficient and economical.

Benefits from Microbulk tank can avoid the gas mixture when cylinders were replaced. Reduce the gas residual loses and labor cost when cylinders were being handled. Using Microbulk, there are no cylinders need to be changed, no residual gas losses, no back, hand or foot injuries from handling cylinders, and no lost or damaged cylinders.

Microbulk tank is specially designed for efficient gas use for longer retention time, faster speed of self-pressure building, larger gas flow. The liquid lose can be rare even zero during a period of time because of the efficient thermal insulation structure.

Microbulk tank can be filled from semi-trailer, and also can be filled from small trailer with liquid pump to get quick, no-loss filling. In addition, Microbulk tank can also be equipped with automatic shut-off device, take the function of allowing the pump automatic cutting when Microbulk is full to ensure the safety filling. Microbulk tank can also add in telemetry-ready for liquid level and tank pressure monitoring basing the customer requirement. Cell-phone or GPS signal transmitting optional.  

Microbulk, modern conception of gas supplied on-site!

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