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Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

It is an on-site filling solution for gas cylinder users.

The charge loss is low or even zero.

Longer liquid gas hold times.

Extraordinary thermal quality assures very little gas loss.

The boost speed is fast and the gas flow is large.

Quick recharge to save time and reduce costs.

Multiple pressures, different volumes, more choices.

Brand valves HEROSE, REGO, accessories, high reliability.

Small footprint, convenient transportation, simple installation.

Less operation and maintenance needed.

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Victank microbulk tanks are the most suitable solution for laser cutting. Up to 35bar working pressure, fast pressure booster speed, high purity gases continuously supply, etc. 

Victank Superior performance: bigger capacity, longer storage period, higher flow rate, fast pressure build-up. It is the best and only solution for your laser cutting of thick metal!

Microbulk is a complete gas supply and management solution that enables users of all sizes to enjoy the cost and efficiency benefits of switching to liquid gas from high pressure gas cylinders. Various tank sizes, pressures and configurations are available to meet your needs.



Victank microbulk tank for laser cutting application

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