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Victank, a brand born for microbulk, the first and only factory focusing on microbulk in the world!

With more than 20 years professional knowledge and experience on industrial gas and natural gas equipment, especially due to the business expansion for microbulk system, team from SinoCleansky develops a new brand "Victank" which concentrates on microbulk storage and delivery system only.

Instead of operating numbers of high-pressure gas cylinders or dewar cylinders, Microbulk provides solution for filling gas on-site. It is an ideal solution for medium size customers in industries, medical, cutting, lab and etc. More reliable, safe, efficient and economical. Victank offers all models of storage system for selection: capacity 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 5000L, 7000L; Working pressure 16bar, 25bar, 35bar and more. Victank delivery system (lorry tanker with auto filling by pump and metering) is under development now.

Victank microbulk tanks benefits :

1. It is an on-site filling solution for gas cylinder users.

2. The charge loss is low or even zero.

3. Longer liquid gas hold times.

4. Extraordinary thermal quality (multi-layer high vacuum insolation)assures very little gas loss.

5. The boost speed is fast and the gas flow is large.

6. Quick recharge to save time and reduce costs.

7. Multiple pressures, different volumes, more choices.

8. Brand valves HEROSE, REGO, accessories, high reliability.

9. Small footprint, convenient transportation, simple installation.

10. Less operation and maintenance needed.

"When others try to sell everything, we focus on making the real microbulk only for you.” With Victank microbulk only, you can handle your gas distribution business with efficiency, economy and effectiveness. No more costs and headaches brought about by cylinders. 

Victank, making victory by microbulk!

“ Victank, a brand born for microbulk, the first and only factory focusing on microbulk in the world ! ”